Plumber Costs in Miami Minimal Compared to Benefit of Remodeling

plumbing costs MiamiMany see the plumber costs in Miami FL to remodel a kitchen and move the sink as costly, without viewing the benefits. First, the kitchen is a popular area for guests to see. It is often located off of the living room or dining room, and having a visually appealing kitchen will make you more confident about your home. Remodeling the kitchen in your home can also raise the resale value of your home significantly, which gives you a return on the money that you have spent. When remodeling your home, you do not have to limit yourself to working around the fixtures that have already been installed. Rather, by remodeling the kitchen and moving fixtures such as the sink, you will be allowed the creative freedom that will improve the value of your home and create a great environment for entertaining friends, family members, and coworkers.

When remodeling on a budget, contractors will often suggest working around the plumbing and electric that already exists. However, moving a kitchen sink while remodeling is not significantly costly. Moving a kitchen sink will only require moving a water line. On average, the cost to move a water line is only between $400 and $500.

There are four factors that will go into your cost of moving your kitchen sink. The first three affect the water line. The cost to move the line will consist of equipment to move the line, such as a brazing kit, pipe cutting equipment, and pipe wrenches, the materials used, such as fittings, connectors, and mounting hardware, and the labor required, which should be no more than six hours. The fourth factor affecting the cost of moving the kitchen sink will be the installation costs of the sink itself. This should not be a significant amount, particularly if you are already in the process of working with a contractor to remodel your entire kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen and moving your sink may seem like an unnecessary improvement with additional costs in Miami-Dade County, however, with the right design, a kitchen will be appealing to guests and raise the value on your home. Call a licensed Miami plumber today at (305) 699-3368 to get a quote.

Local Miami Plumber Talks About Sink Drain Parts 10

professional miami plumberFor the aspiring plumber or the DIYer, a fixing a clogged sink can be a good start.  Aside from determining the common causes of such problems, you also have to know the basic sink drain parts so you know where exactly to start.    It’s vital that you are aware how these parts fit together and how they work individually.

Pipes and Parts of a Sink

  • The pop-up assembly is used for the bathroom sink.
  • The sink strainer is usually placed on a hole at the bottom of a sink.  It strains all food particles and foreign objects like hair to avoid clogs.  It seals the opening and it also directs all the water down the pipes.
  • The P-trap is made of a two-piece fitting that allows water to stay at the bottom to avoid the gas from the sewer from entering the house.
  • The S-trap is very similar to the P trap, and it is used when the drains are located on the floor.
  • The coupler is used to join two pieces of pipes together which can extend the length of a pipe.
  • The tailpiece is directly connected to the kitchen strainer.
  • The tee literally looks like the letter “T”, it’s a pipe that is commonly used for double kitchen sinks.
  • The waste arm is shaped like a reversed L which connects the tailpiece and the tee to the sink. There is usually two waste arms present.
  • The extension tube, like the coupler, is used to extend short tailpieces.  The difference is, the latter is shorter than the extension tube.

Helpful Tips:

  •     Plastic fittings are more convenient to work with rather than brass or metal.
  •     Take some measurements before removing any sink and installing a new one.
  •     If you need to replace some parts, make sure you distinguish these correctly before purchasing a new one.
  •     Having a hard time determining what’s broken?  Sketch it.  It’s easier to show the person at your local home depot how it looks like if you can’t really identify what’s broken.

Don’t just hit or miss. If you have doubts, call in the local Miami experts from Plumbers911 at (305) 699-3368 to help you install, replace or fix any sink accurately!

A Plumbing Career in Miami Begins with Apprenticeship

miami professional plumbing careerBefore starting a plumbing career in Miami, it is necessary to learn the trade. Plumbers often learn the skill sets needed within their field by taking two steps. First, they attend a trade school to learn the basic plumbing skills they need. Once they are enrolled in an accredited trade school, aspiring plumbers often apprentice with a skilled plumber or plumbing company.

Plumbers often belong to a union. There are many benefits of belonging to a union. Some of the benefits that plumbing unions have are easier job location, access to the latest training and technology for members, and health and retirement planning benefits. Joining a union will also ensure that plumbing students get the hands-on experience that will help in their future career. While attending a technical school can give some knowledge and experience, choosing to enter into an apprenticeship will give experience well beyond the limits of the classrooms in trade schools.

There is a set of guidelines that can be followed to find and enter into a plumbing apprenticeship. First, it is important to graduate from high school, with either a GED or diploma. Plumbing unions often seek out members that have at least this minimum requirement. Next, consider the skill set that you offer as a potential plumber. Plumbers often need to be skilled in the areas of dexterity, problem-solving, mechanically inclination and working with people. Next, consider joining either a plumbing union or a local trade or vocational skills. Once entered into one of these programs, finding a plumber who will be willing to teach you the skills necessary for success in your future career will be much simpler.

There are many areas to seek out apprenticeships for an aspiring plumbing professional in Miami-Dade County. While it may seem tempting to seek out a large company, which may seem to offer more stability, there are benefits to training with a small plumbing company. Working with a small plumbing company will also teach business and leadership skills, which are not taught through traditional, large plumbing companies. If you have the skills to become a plumber, consider taking on an apprenticeship to help your future career.

Now, while waiting to become one, first hire a licensed plumber from Plumbers 911 Miami by calling (305) 699-3368.

Copper Pipes Require Use of Lead-Free Plumber Solder in Miami

Miami Dade County licensed plumberCopper pipes are used in plumbing because of the ease of adjustments when pipes are needed to be changed. Threaded galvanized iron pipe can be more difficult to work on because once joined together, you can’t just unscrew a pipe since turning the pipe one-way screws it tighter at the other end. With the use of copper, you just cut out a section of pipe and solder in a new fitting, as solder makes a very secure seal. Licensed professionals in Miami must be able to use plumber solders to repair and refit plumbing pipes and fixtures.

The two most used methods for joining copper tube and fittings are soldering and brazing. Joining one copper tube with another is possible through the use of a socket-type copper or copper alloy fitting that is secured by a metal filler, like solder or brazing. This type of joint is called a lap joint because the copper fitting overlaps the tube. The space between the tube and the joint is called the capillary space. The tube and fitting are secured through the use of solder.

Copper tubing has a longer life than galvanized piping, and won’t develop deposits of rust to clog pipes and aerators. Copper tubing must be sealed with non-lead solder because of the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1986. The most popular solder used presently is the BCuP mixture, called B-cup, and composed of Brazing Alloy, Copper, and Phosphorus.

When determining whether a pipe should be brazed or soldered, the temperature of the brazing alloys can cause the copper pipes to melt, or anneal. This process sometimes makes it more feasible to solder a joint instead of brazing. Even though brazing makes a much stronger join in the pipes, the Rated Internal Working Pressure of the copper tubing is lower for an annealed tube. Brazed joints have more resistance to fatigue, vibration, and thermal movement, but the system pipe working pressures will decide the best procedure for the facility.

Working with plumber solder and copper pipes in Miami-Dade County is just one of the requirements for a certified plumbing professional. Each plumber continues to learn about new products and procedures in order to serve you best with the most extensive knowledge of modern plumbing practices. Hire the best plumbers in Miami by calling (305) 699-3368.



When You Should Need a Water Heater Repair in Miami

licensed plumber miami

One of the things we’d like to do after a long, busy day is to take a shower. In taking a shower, there is no doubt that you will need to turn on your water heater. In the morning, you decided, out of the blue to check your water heater. What happens if you noticed a leak under it? Will you ignore it? It one of the signs of a damaged water heater. By then you will need a water heater repair expert from Miami.

What are some of the causes of water heater damage? A leak involving the pressure relief valve and the temperature can be the culprit. When the water inside gets too hot, it is programmed to release it. Have a licensed contractor from Miami to have it checked for you if you suspect that it is malfunctioning. And besides, it is good to have a professional check it from time to time as a form of preventive maintenance.

Another cause for this is a drain valve leak. The main purpose of this is to separate the sediments from the water. A damaged drain valve can be replaced. If your tank is already an old unit, it is possible that it already has cracks and rust. In the event that you see such, you can call your water heater repair Miami expert. The plumber will assess the water heater and see if it can be repaired or if it should be replaced.