Local Miami Plumber Talks About Sink Drain Parts 10

professional miami plumberFor the aspiring plumber or the DIYer, a fixing a clogged sink can be a good start.  Aside from determining the common causes of such problems, you also have to know the basic sink drain parts so you know where exactly to start.    It’s vital that you are aware how these parts fit together and how they work individually.

Pipes and Parts of a Sink

  • The pop-up assembly is used for the bathroom sink.
  • The sink strainer is usually placed on a hole at the bottom of a sink.  It strains all food particles and foreign objects like hair to avoid clogs.  It seals the opening and it also directs all the water down the pipes.
  • The P-trap is made of a two-piece fitting that allows water to stay at the bottom to avoid the gas from the sewer from entering the house.
  • The S-trap is very similar to the P trap, and it is used when the drains are located on the floor.
  • The coupler is used to join two pieces of pipes together which can extend the length of a pipe.
  • The tailpiece is directly connected to the kitchen strainer.
  • The tee literally looks like the letter “T”, it’s a pipe that is commonly used for double kitchen sinks.
  • The waste arm is shaped like a reversed L which connects the tailpiece and the tee to the sink. There is usually two waste arms present.
  • The extension tube, like the coupler, is used to extend short tailpieces.  The difference is, the latter is shorter than the extension tube.

Helpful Tips:

  •     Plastic fittings are more convenient to work with rather than brass or metal.
  •     Take some measurements before removing any sink and installing a new one.
  •     If you need to replace some parts, make sure you distinguish these correctly before purchasing a new one.
  •     Having a hard time determining what’s broken?  Sketch it.  It’s easier to show the person at your local home depot how it looks like if you can’t really identify what’s broken.

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