Copper Pipes Require Use of Lead-Free Plumber Solder in Miami

Miami Dade County licensed plumberCopper pipes are used in plumbing because of the ease of adjustments when pipes are needed to be changed. Threaded galvanized iron pipe can be more difficult to work on because once joined together, you can’t just unscrew a pipe since turning the pipe one-way screws it tighter at the other end. With the use of copper, you just cut out a section of pipe and solder in a new fitting, as solder makes a very secure seal. Licensed professionals in Miami must be able to use plumber solders to repair and refit plumbing pipes and fixtures.

The two most used methods for joining copper tube and fittings are soldering and brazing. Joining one copper tube with another is possible through the use of a socket-type copper or copper alloy fitting that is secured by a metal filler, like solder or brazing. This type of joint is called a lap joint because the copper fitting overlaps the tube. The space between the tube and the joint is called the capillary space. The tube and fitting are secured through the use of solder.

Copper tubing has a longer life than galvanized piping, and won’t develop deposits of rust to clog pipes and aerators. Copper tubing must be sealed with non-lead solder because of the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1986. The most popular solder used presently is the BCuP mixture, called B-cup, and composed of Brazing Alloy, Copper, and Phosphorus.

When determining whether a pipe should be brazed or soldered, the temperature of the brazing alloys can cause the copper pipes to melt, or anneal. This process sometimes makes it more feasible to solder a joint instead of brazing. Even though brazing makes a much stronger join in the pipes, the Rated Internal Working Pressure of the copper tubing is lower for an annealed tube. Brazed joints have more resistance to fatigue, vibration, and thermal movement, but the system pipe working pressures will decide the best procedure for the facility.

Working with plumber solder and copper pipes in Miami-Dade County is just one of the requirements for a certified plumbing professional. Each plumber continues to learn about new products and procedures in order to serve you best with the most extensive knowledge of modern plumbing practices. Hire the best plumbers in Miami by calling (305) 699-3368.