About Neeve

Hello! My name is Neeve Marlow Torres and welcome to my blog, Home Blogging with Neeve.

This blog is about me and what I do in my day to day. To say that I am busy is the prolly the biggest understatement of all. Call me crazy but I work 16 hours a day and blog on the side.

busy girl

As a Jack (or should I say “Jill”?), I do so many things every single day:

  • I work as a part-time pharmacist in a nearby convenience store,
  • I serve at the French restaurant down the block,
  • Do plumbing jobs,
  • Teach reading and math to little kids,
  • Baby-sit every other day,
  • Cook for my friends twice a week,
  • Serve the church every Saturday and Sunday.

Blogging is my form of rest and I am okay with sharing my ideas with the world.

Drop by often!